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You might need to speak to a Stillwater therapist if you are experiencing stress on the job. Some examples of job-related stress that would be helped by counseling would be:

  • Pending lay-offs or a job relocation that could actually impact your career
  • Life transitions, such as parenthood, that might impact your work life
  • Challenging work situations, such as a “bullying boss”
  • Lack of fulfillment at work and the need to explore a change.
  • Please call today to see how a skilled Stillwater therapist, with a background in business, can help you make difficult decisions for a happier, more productive work life.


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Strategic Planning

Stillwater consulting allows your business to not only thrive but GROW! We assist in developing strategic planning tools, helping you develop and implement your goals, and motivate your team! Contact us to find out more about Strategic Planning and Goal Achievement Workshops!

Creativity Unwrapped

Stillwater therapists bring a lifetime of other skills, including corporate and entrepreneurial experience to this unique group. The Creativity Unwrapped process helps you access the parts of your brain that might need a little extra push, whether it’s the creative or the analytical side. Work with a select group of like-minded people to reach your full potential in an inspiring and supportive environment.


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