What is the StillWaters Program?

  • StillWaters is a rotating 6 week program that teaches mindfulness techniques to support academic and organizational behavior changes in students.
  • The program is offered on site, one day per week, for small groups of 8-10, by invitation, chosen by the school counseling office, with the cooperation and support of the parents.
  • The program is evidence-based, using the research of Dr. John Kabat-Zin.

What makes the StillWaters Program unique?

  • The StillWaters program is the only one that combines academic instruction with organizational skills training with a background emphasis on mindfulness.

Who are the instructors/facilitators?

  • Facilitators are supervised by Virginia Green, PhD, CEO of Stillwater Family Therapy Group, Inc.

How much does it cost?

  • StillWaters is free.

How do we start a StillWaters program at our school?

Simply call Dr. Green at 310-378-2520, or Contact Us to set up an initial appointment.