Hi Virginia,

Thanks so much for your presentation on Tuesday. People really enjoyed the information and the conversation. I think everyone appreciated your open and honest, passionate approach to working with young people who experience disordered eating.

I will send out your handouts electronically later today or tomorrow so that everyone who attended the meeting will have them.

How did it go for you? I hope that you enjoyed it too. People were still outside talking 20 minutes after we finished our meeting. That is definitely the sign of a great meeting!!!

Take care and thanks again!

Kim West, MD
Eating Disorder Presentation

Thank you for hosting Sunday’s gathering. Not only was it fun, but it was a valuable experience for me. I started thumbing through magazines with no particular ideas in mind. But as I turned pages, with half my mind involved in conversation with my cohorts, pictures jumped out and told me what my vision for the coming year is. Very interesting experience.

Hello Virginia, I want to thank you for hosting vision board…it was good to see you and be in your cheerful presence and all the other good people.

My vision board showed me that I am at peace::) doing what I want to be doing…I feel I am inside the door of the right place. .just need to continue sharing what I have found.

Thank you again for your lovely hospitality.

Vision Boards

Hi Virginia,

Ben and I talked about our last visit and what you said at the end about us doing well and seeing us in a month and we actually AGREE!

We are so happy to be in a place much stronger than we were when we first saw you last June.

Thank you for your constant reiteration of our strength as a couple and we look forward to seeing you monthly! We may also consider doing one of your classes in the future!



Hi from Uganda!

Hi ladies, I’m in Uganda and was just talking to the staff about what they like most about volunteers and what is most helpful to them and to the women they serve. Virginia, your workshop came up with several different replies–apparently the completion certificates were particularly a big hit. They also credited your workshop with helping them think about the mushroom growing project in a bigger way. (As an aside I am super excited about this project. We are cooking the cotton and making more of the hanging gardens this week. Well take pics and videos to show everyone.)

I’m writing to tell you this for two reasons. First, it is always nice to know when something you have done has a positive impact on people. They are still saying “Time is Money!”. And second, do you have thoughts about how to reach out to volunteers with similar skill set and experience levels? The staff all day that they really want more experienced volunteers who have specific things to teach them.

And, Charlotte, of course everyone adores you too and told me how great you are as well.


“I appreciated the experience and the effort that both Virginia and Rachel put in (to The Daring Way). I also found the support within the group to be very genuine and inspiring.

I am so grateful to both of you for including me in this program. It could not have come at a better time in my life. Thanks you from the bottom of my whole heart.”

Daring Way