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What you can expect: You will meet with one of our qualified professionals in a totally confidential environment to talk about your current challenges, and describe some of the events in your life that might still be impacting you today. We will do a thorough assessment of where we think you might be facing trouble spots. Then, with your help, we will lay out a course of treatment that will achieve your personal goals. If you have health insurance we will discuss how that can help pay for your treatment.

Our goal is to give you the reassurance that you are in good hands, with people who are experienced in life challenges similar to yours, but we tailor our services to your specific needs.


Stillwater therapists provide regular weekly sessions in individual or group settings to support change efforts and help develop coping strategies for day-to-day challenges. Our unique accountability process helps you continue to gain momentum and make progress.


“I am so fortunate to have met and work with Dr. Green. She has helped me grow as a person over the last 7 months. She asks me questions, pushes me and can tell when I’m hurting. She had a gift of helping me help myself.”

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