Hi from Uganda!

Hi ladies, I’m in Uganda and was just talking to the staff about what they like most about volunteers and what is most helpful to them and to the women they serve. Virginia, your workshop came up with several different replies–apparently the completion certificates were particularly a big hit. They also credited your workshop with helping them think about the mushroom growing project in a bigger way. (As an aside I am super excited about this project. We are cooking the cotton and making more of the hanging gardens this week. Well take pics and videos to show everyone.)

I’m writing to tell you this for two reasons. First, it is always nice to know when something you have done has a positive impact on people. They are still saying “Time is Money!”. And second, do you have thoughts about how to reach out to volunteers with similar skill set and experience levels? The staff all day that they really want more experienced volunteers who have specific things to teach them.

And, Charlotte, of course everyone adores you too and told me how great you are as well.